Oil & Goh
Oil & Goh
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Oil & Goh

Oil and Goh are the coffee duo behind Sirinya Farm. Goh comes from a family that historically grew opium, which was later replaced by coffee. They have further expanded their family’s coffee farm in Doi Chang as a way to support their local community, which includes a lot of stateless refugees. Oil and Goh focus on their soil quality and developing processes in order to grow the best cherries possible. 

Location: Sirinya farm, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai 

Elevation: 1200-1300 meters

Process: Honey Ripasso - a 're-pass' anaerobic fermented honey

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra 

We Taste: Citrus Acidity, 75% Chocolate, Sugus, Cantaloupe, Pomegranate Juice

Method - For Hario V60 Filter or similar pour-over extractions 

Brewing Guide

Ratio - 1:15

Water Temp - 92°c

Brew Time - 2:15

200 grams (7oz) of whole bean coffee