Our Story

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The History

It all began in Mae Hong Son in 2009 when we started off roasting coffee in tradition ways, profiling it and trying to understanding the potential of Thai arabica coffee. This was a humble beginning that taught us a lot about the complexity of coffee and the importance of quality equipment; which future inspired us to design and build our own custom roaster. When hobby became business our focus was to support family run coffee farms and produce the best roasts we could with what we had in close proximity. We did discover the potential of high elevation coffee growing throughout northern Thailand, but the journey had just began. We understood there was a lot of work to be done from identifying the different varietals, educating the farmers about processing and developing complementary roasts. Almost ten years have passed and we are pleased to have witnessed the evolution, honored to have been part of it and now are excited to share it with the world!  

The Name

There are several reasons why we decided to use Left hand as our brand name; first growing up in Left Hand cannon just right outside of boulder, CO was the territory of the Arapaho tribe which was named after Chief Niwot or Left Hand. Second the name was inspired by the left hand being the hand of Alchemy, magic and connected to creativity through human anatomy. Coffee being a prime form of magic, transforming a plant into one of the most sot after, internationally know substances in the world. We focus on the farm practice, human connection and take the opposite approach of most.


Respectfully yours, 

Dustin Joesph 


~ Dedicated to Chief Left Hand and the indigenous tribes of 

Northern Thailand ~