Is our coffee organic?

We work with small farms who can’t often afford organic certification, we consciously select all our beans and only work with environmental friendly farmers. Although some of our beans are organic certified and will be specified in the product profile.  


How is your coffee sourced?

We use only local Thai coffee from the northern provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son, and purchased directly from small family run farms. 


Is it Fair trade?

We are direct trade and fair practice  


How long will it take to arrive?

Within Thailand, shipping time takes between 2-4 days. We are currently shipping to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, but are planning to expand to include the rest of Asia and beyond in the near future, so stay tuned! 


How fresh will coffee arrive?

3-5 days after its roasted and well before its peak, giving you plenty of time to witness its development.  


Can I buy pre ground coffee?

At the moment we only sell whole bean coffee. 


How can I make payment?

Any major credit card is accepted, also PayPal and Apple Pay. 



How will I be billed?

Once you sign up we will begin the first billing cycle, there after every 2 weeks your next shipment will go out and payment will be automatically taken out of your card on file. 


What kind of coffee beans will I receive?

It will be based on your subscription preference you chose - Single origin, blends or espresso beans will be selected every 2 weeks  

based on our availability and desire to switch it up for you to try different coffee. We are a small batch roaster and deal with many small farms which can only produce a certain amount each year. If you have a favorite or preference please let us know - care@lefthandroasters.com. Thank you! 


If I want to cancel my subscription when should I? 

If you are interested in canceling your subscription please do so in advance. If you cancel now you will still receive your coming order but that will be your last. We hate to see you go but fully understand and thankful for your business! 


I am interested in buying wholesale beans for my cafe, restaurant or office place?

Please send us an email with information about how much quantity, which kind of beans and where you are interested in using our coffee. We we respond accordingly. Thank you for your interest!


If I subscribe to your 'Newsletter' what kind of information will I receive? 

We mostly want to keep people up to date about what is happening in Northern Thailands coffee culture i.e. new and exciting processes, interviews with our farmers and updates about our custom roasters etc. Also give our valued customers a heads up when we release limited addition beans! 


Best brew method?

Its hard to suggested which extractions are best for different coffees because like most consumables it always comes down to preference. But if we had to generalize things it would go something like this - 

Single Origins are most often best for filter coffees, pour over and can even make an awesome espresso if your into unique and bright flavors! 

Blends are honest and can be versatile when it comes to different extraction methods. Great for people who enjoy switching up their methods.

Espresso blends are designed especially for espresso, building layered flavors with just the right amount of acidity and that sweet chocolatey finish. 


Where did the name Left Hand come from?

Inspired by Chief Left hand of the Arapaho tribe, alchemy and the creative thinkers of the world. Read more about it in ‘Our Story’.


Please contact us for any other questions!