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As part of Left Hand Roaster’s social impact mission, we want to use our platform to provide as much support, awareness, and education to various causes that directly affect our coffee ecosystem and their communities.

This page is a source for updates about our current community projects.


 #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Coffee

Our limited batch of specialty Single Origin coffee from Myanmar, only available as Drip Bags or as Cold Brew.

Our brand always aims to push local products, that also includes highlighting beautiful specialty ingredients of our Southeast Asian neighbors.

This coffee features some of the beautiful flavours of Burmese terroir:

Coffee Details:

Location - Hopong, Southern Shan, Myanmar 
Elevation - 1600 meters 
Process - Natural Process 
Varietal - Catuai
Profile -  Light Medium Roast
Tasting Notes -  Wild Strawberry, Toasted marshmallow, Graham crackers, milk chocolate 

The Hopong community produces some of the highest-rated coffee in Myanmar. Cherries are handpicked, slow-dried for 13-17 days, bringing out some of its distinct flavour notes. Many farming villages are still transitioning from the production of opium to specialty coffee, but with its 
high elevation and old-growth arabica, Myanmar produces some of the best coffee in the region. 

Our neighbors in Myanmar are currently struggling with a civil war crisis.

On February 1st, 2021, The military seized and detained government leaders and assumed autocratic control in a coup d’etat, declaring a state of emergency. This sparked nation-wide protests with protestors calling for an end to military rule. The escalating clashes between protestors and the military has lead to hundreds of deaths and thousands of detainees.

Despite many nations around the world declaring the civil war a human rights crisis, lives continue to be lost and human rights continue to be violated daily as the situation continues.

The best way we can provide support is through increased exposure and awareness. Global awareness puts more pressure on the nation and the world to mitigate violence and abuse of human rights.

Follow #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar hashtag on socials or use the hashtag to circulate news.

Below are some articles if you’d like to read up on the situation. As well as petitions if you’d like to contribute in some way.

Timeline of Events in Myanmar:

Sources from Amnesty International: