Farmer Origin Cold Brew

Our Farmer Origin Cold Brew Set:

Specialty Single Origin Coffees of Northern Thailand in read-to-drink cold brew bottles. 

6 Bottles of 180 ML
3 farmers, 3 processes
2 Bottles of each Single Origin, ready-to-drink cold brew.

P’Sri’s Washed Process
From one of the most biodiverse farms in Baan Khun Lao, Chiang Rai, P’Sri’s washed process has smooth clean flavours with hints of grape, cacao nibs, assam tea, floral finish.

Chang Pao’s Honey Process
An innovative agriculturer and a strong advocate for human rights and fair wages, his honey process from Le Tor Glo, Tak has notes of caramel, sun-dried apricot, toasted macadamia. 

Chatree’s Natural Process
A farmer who continues to elevate the Thai coffee game from Baan Khun Chang Kian, Chiang Mai. His natural process is stand-out from his farm, giving off black current jam, milk chocolate, peanut brittle vibes.

The global situation has affected all of us in almost every industry, including the coffee producing communities. Hopefully this set is a fun way to move some specialty stock, plus a chance to taste what Thai coffee has to offer.

To order: call 086-587-2107, email: care@lefthandroasters or DM us on instagram or facebook. 

450 baht + delivery. Bangkok only.
Deliveries this Saturday 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Appreciate the support!