Farming in Thailand

The most praised coffee in the world is of the Arabica species, originating in Ethiopia in the same location humanity as we know it began. It spread early on to other parts of the world, mutating and morphing into many new varietals. Now the agriculture practice of coffee has spread across the globe, grown in high elevation territories in Latin America, across Africa and most recently thriving in South East Asia.   

In the mid 80’s the late great King Bhumibol Adulyadej wanted to do away with opium cultivation in Thailand and decided to launch a campaign to replace it with Arabica coffee. This campaign eventually began the birth of “The Royal project”, inspired by his ‘sufficiency economy philosophy’ which was focused on empowering the tribes living across the hills of northern Thailand. The evolution of coffee did not take off overnight and was a long process to get to what it has become today. From macadamia shade grown typica in Doi Chang, Chiang Rai, lush yellow bourbon in Khun Lao to caturra of om goi, chiang mai.