Sati Blend


The Sati Blend is a collaboration between Left Hand Roasters and the nonprofit group SATI which works to improve healthcare and education for Thailand’s at-risk and underserved youth.

This collaboration is aimed at giving back to the coffee producing community. Profits from this purchase are going directly towards the community and raising their quality of life. We’re starting with investing in basic infrastructure, such as building up water systems and investing in providing accessible education.

This particular blend is focusing on the Huay Hom community in Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son. This is just the start and we’re hoping to expand to more projects and more communities to come. We hope this collaboration serves as a way to give back to the people of the industry, and help the producers of our coffee lead a self-sustaining lifestyle.

The Sati Blend Drip Bags are featuring  P'Leb's Washed Process: 

Location - Huay Hom, Mae La Noi
Elevation - 1000-1200 meters
Farmer - P'Leb
Process - Washed Process
Profile - Medium Roast
Tasting Notes - 80% cacao, roasted macadamia, black currant 

To learn more about the Sati Foundation: