Tommy's Bar and Bistro

Tommy’s has been a family operated business since 1996, founded by Philip and Suree Russell. They were one of the few pioneers on the island and opened Tin Tin’s Bar while Koh Phi Phi was predominantly a Muslim community and long before the island took on the title as a ‘Party Destination’. Their old bar, Tin Tin’s, was the birthplace of the legendary drink ‘the bucket’.

With a focus on sustainable ingredients, practices and hiring locally, Tommy's is a passion project that aims to provide great food for the whole community, islanders and visitors alike. As a testament to this, we proudly give the service charge to all our staff in the kitchen and front of house, making Tommy’s the first independent restaurant on Phi Phi to give back in this sort of way.

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Tommy’s Coffee… why it’s special. 

We are very excited to share Tommy’s custom blend made by Left Hand Roasters. The collaboration between our Bistro and Left Hand Roasters made perfect sense as we are both community driven and focused on our environmental impact.

Our coffee is a dark roast which hints of dark chocolate and nutty macadamia aromas. A classic dark roast coffee using a blend of beans all from Northern Thailand. 

We look forward to you trying our Tommy’s blend that is ethically sourced and freshly roasted by seasoned professionals.

Thank you for choosing to dine or drink with us, we hope you enjoy your experience at Tommy’s.