Sati Drip Bag (5pc)

Sati Blend:

5 Drip Bags featuring Chang Pao's Honey Process. 

Location - Le Tor Glo, Tak Province 
Elevation - 1300-1500 meters
Farmer - Chang Pao
Process - Honey Process
Profile - Light Roast
Tasting Notes - Wild honey, toasted cacao nibs, cinnamon spice, dried cherry

The Sati Blend is a collaboration between Left Hand Roasters and the non-profit group Sati, a sister project of Na Cafe which works to improve healthcare and education for Thailand’s at-risk and underserved youth. 

This project was created with the mission of giving back to the coffee community. Profits from this purchase are going directly towards investing in basic infrastructure and providing accessible education to Le Tor Glo village in Tak province. 

To learn more about the Sati Foundation: https://www.sati.or.th/