Khun Naret                           (Filter Coffee)
Khun Naret                           (Filter Coffee)
Khun Naret                           (Filter Coffee)
Khun Naret                           (Filter Coffee)
$10.14 USD

Khun Naret (Filter Coffee)

Naret is the current generation of farmers in Thailand who have taken the reins of what his family had started, in this case, an old growth arabica farm on the mountain top of Doi Chang. Naret puts extra care into his agricultural advancement, investing in growing different varietals and experimenting with how to best cultivate them. With a natural touch for processing and the passion for innovation, he’s on his way to becoming one of the top coffee producers in the country.

Location - Mae Suai 

Elevation - 1,300-1,400 meters 

Bean Type - Catimor, Catuai & Bourbon 

Profile - Medium Roast

Process - Yellow Honey Process 

We Taste - Milk caramel, toasted cacao, clean aftertaste

Extraction- For Hario V60 Filter or similar pour-over extractions 

200 grams (7oz) of whole bean coffee

Brewing Guide

Ratio - 1:15

Water Temp - 93°c

Brew Time - 2:30