$11.00 USD

Khun Sinthop (Filter Coffee)

Sinthop is one of the leading voices for the Ahka coffee-producing community in Mae Chan Tai, growing coffee production in his region with goals of creating sustainable revenue for the people. For Sinthop, growing coffee is about elevating its quality and in return, increasing revenue and quality of life for his people. Mae Chan Tai valley is gaining more recognition for their arabica coffee, as well as their teas, stone fruit, and honey.

Location - Mae Chan Tai, Chiang Rai 

Elevation - 1350-1500

Farmer - Sinthop 

Process - Golden Honey (super honey)  

Profile - Medium Roast 

Taste - wild honey, cinnamon, dried cherry, floral

Extraction - Filter coffee 

200 grams (7oz) of whole bean coffee

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